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Get the best deal by eliminating the hassle of negotiating directly with multiple dealers.  Save your time and money and get your ideal car the smart way.

Using our global network our professional team will assist you with importing and exporting, buying and selling hypercars, supercars and luxury cars in locations such as Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka), Asia, Europe, USA, UK and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).


Findi is one of the largest certified new-car dealership map in Japan with approximately 15,000 certified new-car dealerships on its database.

Creative solutions made possible by viewing problems from different perspectives


Event Marketing→

Our event marketing service is geared towards the automotive market in planning, operating and consulting events which help connect BtoB, BtoC and CtoC.  Make your next event a marketing platform for your business.

Marketing Research→

Our Mystery shopping research serves the car dealerships in Japan by gathering specific information from mystery shoppers, who visit dealerships to perform various tasks as regular customers.  Shoppers measure quality of service, or provide feedback on experiences which is then used to improve products and services.


At a time where automotive sales by the younger generation in Japan are shrinking, understanding the psychology of millennials are becoming evermore crucial.  Automotive makers that fully grasp the needs of the youth will become the next market leaders.  Our network with the youth, and knowledge of the millennial psychology can guide you in making necessary decisions to gain competitive advantage in the automotive market.

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